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Ancient Philosophy Timeline

In an age where people increasingly glean their knowledge from online resources, Ancient Philosophical Timeline (A.P.T.) aims to provide its users with a free, reliable and eminently engaging guide to the world of ancient philosophical thought. The timeline's entries are submitted in either text or video format, and are contributed by a recognised scholar of their field. Currently the sole editor is Dr Erlend MacGillivray but additional editors will be added soon, and the timeline will grow in its scope and content. It is envisaged that within three years (2021) the timeline will be approaching its completion.Being an online resource, the timeline is not restricted by space constraints that limit conventional book based handbooks to ancient philosophical thought. With its time-span intending to range from the Pre-Socratics in the 7th century B.C.E, to the philosophers of Late Antiquity in the 5th century C.E. century C.E., the timeline's users will be provided with a unique resource...

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